We take the time to help with 1 hour treatments

Located in beautiful Monkland village

Our hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday :    7:30 a.m. -5 p.m.

*A few steps away from the metro station Villa Maria.

Contact us

Phone : 514-655-9544

Email : ariane51@hotmail.com

Why choose us


10 Years Experience

Physiotherapy for everyone: sedentary, active lifestyle/athlete, youth, adult or elderly person, we are here for you.

Étoile bleu

The Right Service for YOU

Manual therapy, myofascial approach, dry needling, personalized exercise programs, jaw pain and more.


Taking the TIME is our priority

Initial evaluation : 75 minutes Treatment: 60 minutes


I really appreciated the length of the sessions. We were able to accomplish a lot more in the 1 hour session than a typical 30 minute treatment. That is a HUGE added value and amazing!
The clinic is very well situated right beside Villa-Maria metro. Always an excellent service, I refer all my friends and family to Ariane.
I was referred to Ariane by a colleague of mine and I was very impressed with her work. She took the time to clearly explain my shoulder problem and guide me throughout my healing process. Now I can go back to my activities like before.